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The story continues with you, but it began in April 1991 in 140 square feet of executive office space...

Founded a few months earlier by a husband and wife team, Walk Easy was predicated on improving existing walking aids, with a focus on the forearm crutch. After all, this ambulatory aid clearly dominated most parts of the Western World.

Bringing a new product to market was difficult enough; altering people's perceptions proved immensely more challenging. The underarm (or axillary) crutch had rooted itself deeply into people's minds as the aid of choice for the short-term patient.

Time and again, we were told that "forearm crutches were only for the long-term physically challenged." We countered that since they used them every day, "wouldn't you think they'd know better?"

The first order came mid-April, called in by the wife while on a sales trip to Northern California. The Orthopaedic Appliance Facility at a San Francisco university liked the crutches and wanted 6 pairs by the following week. The order processing software was still shrinkwrapped and on the shelf...
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