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Red Triangle Crutch Evaluator
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Crutch Evaluator

Our interactive evaluator has an accuracy rate greater than 94%. Specific circumstances, however, may require a crutch model different than the one(s) suggested below. If you have questions about which model is right for you, call us at (800) 441-2904.
You first need to determine whether you want a full or half cuff (see pictures below).

If in doubt, remember that 6 out of every 7 crutches we sell is a full cuff model, sometimes also referred to as a closed cuff.

Although slightly more restrictive, this type of crutch keeps the cuff on your arm if you let go of the grip. For many crutch users, it also provides a greater feeling of security.
 Crutch Evaluator (requires Javascript)
Weight:  (in lbs.)
Height:  (feet) (inches)
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 Results (based on above input)
Information entered above must be correct for evaluator to work. Data entered in the "Crutch Evaluator" is used solely for the purpose of suggesting a forearm crutch.

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